When someone in the rooms says “I know how you feel,” I believe they do.  They have been where I have been, they have felt what I have felt, and they have experienced what I have experienced.  In A.A. we share our stories, and those who are listening sometimes hear their own story, their own experiences being described by another. In the beginning newcomers are encouraged to look for the similarities not the differences of those in the rooms.  Many times when young people come to the program, they see a room that is quite often full of people who are not so young anymore and they wonder if the Program will work for them.  Then, in the course of sharing they hear exactly what they need to hear, and come to know that it’s not our differences that matter, it’s our similarities.  We all have the same disease and we are all looking for a solution to what we have come to know as alcoholism.  There is more to alcoholism than drinking.