When I first came to the rooms of A.A., I was unsure that this was my “solution.”  I had been looking for a way out of the misery of drinking for years and years.  In the beginning I had to get over the “God” hurdle, and was wisely told to put that on the “back burner” and to just focus on the meetings.  I was so desperate I actually followed directions – a first for me.  I wanted what others had. There was a whole room full of people who were living lives of recovery, and they were happy to be in the Program.  They certainly had a peace and a happiness that I had yet to have – I stayed, wanting to know their “secret.”  As it turned out the “secret” was there was no secret, it was a matter of being willing to change, willing to be completely honest, and remaining open to new ideas and different solutions to old problems.  I found a whole roomful of people whose background and life had similarities to mine.  I related much to what others said, and felt a kinship unlike other friendships I had before recovery.