Carrying the message of A.A. is the first part of Step Twelve. The second part is to “practice these principles in all our affairs.”  There is a spiritual principle that serves as a guide to each of the Twelve Steps.  Step One is Honesty – can we honestly admit that we are powerless over alcohol?  Recovery requires complete honesty, if we are to claim sobriety.  We need to honestly look at our lives in the past if we are to have any hope for our future.  Step Two is Hope. Coming to believe in a power greater than ourselves gave me a feeling of hope I had never experienced before.  Step Three is Faith – I had to make a decision to turn my life and will over to a Higher Power, a power greater than me, and greater than my disease; a power I chose to call God.  This required faith in this power, faith in the Program and faith in my ability to claim sobriety.  Seeing the sobriety of others encouraged my own sobriety and gave me faith that I, too, could claim recovery.  Sharing my experience, strength and hope with others followed as I came to see the benefits of readiness to serve others – I am free to share, I am free to serve.