Speaking My Mind

Learning how to voice my opinions and views without being aggressive relates to Step Nine and to the Spiritual Principles of  Honesty, Integrity, Humility, and Trust.  In making amends to others I found various ways of conveying what I hold to be true, for me.  Honesty is of the utmost importance and is the basis of all amends.  Understanding the purpose of an amends helps me to stay on track, and guides me in my search for the “right” words.  Knowing that I am responsible for my behavior; what I do and what I say, further leads me to writing out what I want to say, and then reviewing and revising my words, until I feel they convey my true and honest feelings.  Directness benefits both me and the person to whom I am making amends to.  The practice of making amends gives me the opportunity to find new ways of stating my views and opinions without causing further damage to my relationships.  I am learning the value of friendships and the benefits of a recovery program.  Being comfortable with both of these has lead me to my Higher Power, God, who continues to bless me with His teachings.


3 thoughts on “Speaking My Mind

  1. JUNE 2
    Here are the steps we took. . . .


    The Upward Path

    We don’t know what far reaching effect our words and example may have.
    Father Leo one of our compatriots in Alcoholics Anonymous casually mentioned to me in a little chit chat we had back in 1987; “Harry, recovery should be about being positive and creative”.
    It must’ve been pretty firmly implanted in my mind for aren’t I remembering it now, thirty years later?

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted twelve stepper..

    • I like that “being positive and creative” this csuses us to think and ask for spiritual guidance before speaking. Its important to be honest but not brutally honest t. Like i mentioned yesterday what comes out of your mouth reflects whats in your heart. Love , Tree

  2. Making amends is not about forgiveness. I have no.control over the outcome of an amends. An amend is about making things right if I can.
    Definition. changes in (a text) in order to make it fairer, more accurate, or more up-to-date.
    1modify formally, as a legal document or legislative bill.
    2make better; improve.
    Substitute relationship for text or document in the above definition and you have what making amends means to me.

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