I made a decision to believe, I made a decision to try this “way.” This path was a higher path, one that could lead me to a true sense of serenity, that could give me the courage I needed to “do” whatever I needed to do.  What did I have to lose?  My life was full of chaos, futility, and sadness.  I was desperately searching for something better. I wanted what I saw others in the rooms had – a real desire to get and stay sober.  A.A. has worked for literally millions of alcoholics over the years. I came to believe there was a chance for me to be counted in that group.  Combining faith in a Higher Power and the Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous was the true path I had been searching for.  I was blessed to have “stumbled” onto a spiritual path, one that continues to lead and guide me each and every day.  There was much to learn and many changes were needed, but I found that with the help available to me from God, the Program and all those sober and serene faces I saw, I believed that I, too, could claim a better life. One that brought me feelings of serenity within. Courage to change and ultimately a wisdom about this deadly disease.