Detatch With Love

It has been my experience that many non-alcoholics have a preconceived idea of what an alcoholic “looks” like.  They think in terms of the “brown bagger,” skid-row, down-on-their-luck drinker.  But alcoholics come in all forms from the binge drinker to the daily drinker.  Some of us keep jobs, marriages, and lives that most do not expect alcoholics to have.  There are many who do not fit that mold.  My behavior got worse as the night went on. My morals declined and I quite often went into a blackout where I could not remember anything. It was very scary to lose all control like that; to wake up in strange places, sometimes with very strange people.  When asked, I try to convey to others the differences and the similarities I share with other alcoholics.  Being honest and upfront about my disease encourages others to ask questions.  Practicing detachment allows me to respond  to others in a positive manner, without judgment.  Detaching with love enables me protect my recovery while still maintaining those relationships.


4 thoughts on “Detatch With Love

  1. Good Sunday morning. Thankyou for the topic Bonnie. Their are so many different types of alcoholics as their are personalities. My good sober freind was a bar party animal alcoholic and end up blacking out. At the end i was a loner drinker/addict in my own room. Whatever the type, its damaging to our physical body, our soul and our spirit. Not to mention it hurts our loved ones watch us destroy ourselves. But thank G-d their is a way out by following the steps and staying in communion with our higher power. As a dear freind of mine says “To blessed to be stressed.” Have a great day! Love Tree

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