Ready Or Not

For so many years I struggled to make sense out of my life, all the while behaving in ways that led me further and further from God.  The Program has brought me back to a place where I can begin to have faith in the power of God.  What I cannot do, God can.  My “job” here is to remain faithful, to believe in the power of God, and to acknowledge through my moral inventory those shortcomings and character defects that were ever present in my life before my recovery. His intentions for me, I believe, are to strive for progress, one day at a time; to work towards humility in my life and in the program; and to have faith in God’s will.  I work to remain ready to humbly Let Go and Let God.

Photo and reflection courtesy of Tom R


One thought on “Ready Or Not

  1. Top of mid-day day family,
    – Am I ready / willing to change
    – Am I ready in the good times
    – Am I ready in the bad times
    Who am I ready to rely on today; self or the One who raised the sun this am?
    Being positive / optimistic takes action.
    Being negative / pessimistic takes no action.
    Today I have chance to treat others as Divine Mercy treats me.

    It’s a good day to have a smile day =)

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