I am at a loss for words – my oneness, to me, is my sense of unity that I work towards in the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous.  I feel connected to others and I feel “a part of,” the Program.  So from my sense of unity comes my desire to be of service to the Program, and to myself.  I have finally decided that what keeps me coming back to the Program every day, is my desire to help others in and out of recovery.  Helping others helps me.  I know today that I am not unique in my desire for sobriety.  Even though we rely on the one power – God, and the one true program,  Alcoholics Anonymous, I still need to review my “neediness” when it comes to my spiritual, mental and physical well being.  I still need to attend meetings, I still need to talk with others in recovery, and I still need to encourage my faith in a Higher Power.  God helps me to continue searching for my own unique path, the path to recovery.