Step Work

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The Steps are the basis for the Program, they are not to be read and forgotten, they are to be used in the day to day life of recovery that I choose to live.  Step One is always about honesty, accepting my disease and the fact of my unmanageable life.  Step Two reminds me that I am no longer alone in my struggles, there is a power greater than my very best attempts.  Step Three acknowledges my Higher Power, and reminds me that my life is now in the hands of the Master.  Steps Four and Five are about coming face to face with my worst behaviors, which includes my lack of principles and morals as the result of my drinking.  They are closely connected and require an integrity new to me.  Steps Six and Seven deal with my shortcomings and my willingness to have God remove them.  Practicing humility in all areas is a good idea when attempting to rid myself of these defects of character.  I have to claim them in order to “work” on them.  That brings me to Steps Eight and Nine – whereby I deal with my amends to others, and to myself.  I can say “I’m sorry” but amends in the Program is more than mere words. To be continued….


Living In The Now


Taking a much needed day away. Enjoy the Daily Reflection:
First, we try living in the now just in order to stay sober — and it works. Once the idea has become a part of our thinking, we find that living life in 24 hour segments is an effective and satisfying way to handle many other matters as well.

“One Day At A Time.” To a newcomer this and other one-liners of A.A. may seem ridiculous. The passwords of the A.A. Fellowship can become lifelines in moments of stress. Each day can be like a rose unfurling according to the plan of a Power greater than myself. My program should be planted in the right location, just as it will need to be groomed, nourished, and protected from disease. My planting will require patience, and my realizing that some flowers will be more perfect than others. Each stage of the petals’ unfolding can bring wonder and delight if I do not interfere or let my expectations override my acceptance — and this brings serenity.

My Current View(Bonster)