Alcoholics Anonymous has taught me how to live, both alone and with others.  It has broadened my experiences, has taught me how to lead a useful life, and encourages me to expand my world from the four walls of my Fellowship to all the possibilities that A.A. offers.  There are the basic meetings, Area Assemblies, Regional and World Conferences, and other gatherings where we hear speakers from far away places, who tell of their journey to the tables.  The International Conference occurs every five years, and it is well worth the time and cost of attending.  I have been fortunate to have attended two World Conferences, and I have some wonderful memories as the result of those experiences.  As far as my horizons are concerned, they are limitless.  I feel a true sense of purpose and direction in these, my latter years.  Without A.A. in my life, my life would be very limited. Today, I am open to the possibility that God’s world and His children have no limits.