When I share at meetings I talk about how miserable my life was when I was “out there.”  I want others to hear about the changes that have taken place in me in recovery.  Maybe my shares would benefit from using Program literature.  I have a small wallet card that lists the liabilities and assets of a moral inventory. Using a card like this would enable me to have some sense of direction when it comes to sharing.  I could tell of various experiences I have had relative to the list of words representing my behaviors both before and after coming to A.A.  I admire those who speak so well and share from the heart.  I love a good speaker, and there are many – some local, some I hear at District and Area meetings, and then there are the conferences, most of whom have speakers who live in other areas and towns, and who have managed to make their “stories” humorous, interesting, honest or deep.  I enjoy anyone who can simply tell it like it is, or in our case like it was.  However, in the long run, my tale is just simply that, my tale.  My “job” is to suit up and show up. The rest is in the hands of the Master.