Honest Sharing

Recently, our women’s group invited a speaker, who came and shared with us honesty.  Some people were thrilled, some were offended, and some were neutral.  But whether we liked with that speaker said or not, we were treated with truth. That to me is what makes this Program special.  Not too many masks can be worn when truth-hungry eyes are watching. To our Fellowship’s honest soul-baring women speakers, I say:  My hat is off to you, because of you courage in honestly telling what it was like, what happened and what it is like now.


3 thoughts on “Honest Sharing

  1. Any anniversary is worth sharing. 4 years at WordPress is amazing service. SMB has taken the lead for a large number of days in that time and for that I am grateful. When I can relate to speaker, even when it seems like we are completely different, I gain something that helps my sobriety.

  2. Thank you SMB for posting each day and also sharing your experience strength and Hope! I also feel grateful for other readers and sharers message as it helps me in my recovery one day at a time. Kt

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