Change Happens

The Serenity Prayer urges me to “have the Courage to change the things I can.” There is great comfort in the familiar, and for me that can be as simple as writing this 24. Change can challenge my comfort level and it seems the older I get the less I like changes in my life.  I have come to an acceptance of  what works in my life, and what doesn’t.  I knew change was inevitable when I first arrived at the doors of A.A. Little did I realize just how deep those changes were.  There’s the story of the newcomer who asked her sponsor about change, and she said there are only three things she needed to change:  everything she did, everything she said, and everything she thought.  In other words there have been many changes I needed to make in my desire for sobriety and recovery. Change takes, acceptance, faith, and the courage to be willing to endure those changes in my life patterns.



One thought on “Change Happens

  1. If I could have kept the plug in the jug, I would have done that and stayed out of AA. AA taught me to live with sobriety by practicing the steps.

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