Recovery has blessed me with so much more than sobriety.  I have purpose and direction in my life today.  A.A. affords me many opportunities to be of service to others.  That was one of the attractions to A.A. for me. I could get as involved as I wanted.  Sometimes that means just attending meetings and working with a sponsor.  Other times that can be as a “trusted servant” in support of my Fellowship; or at District or Area levels.  There are Conferences that need support as well as Assemblies, not to mention both Region and World Services.  There are many ways to serve.  I have found that service enhances my personal recovery.  We each choose for ourselves how we want to define our own recovery program.  Some choose to be of service and others choose to keep their program simple. Sobriety has truly been a gift that grows with time.  I came searching for a way out of the pain, and I not only found that but I also found a whole new world, filled with friends, and those I have come to call my “Family”