Childish-No, Childlike

My behavior in my addiction was more childish than it was childlike.  I demanded things, got angry when I didn’t get what I wanted, envied everything others had, and was jealous of any and everything others had, that I didn’t.  I resented others and expected life to just get better without any effort on my part.  As a sober adult I am learning that it takes work, sometimes hard work, to “earn” those things I desire.  I have learned patience, modesty, honesty, generosity, and faith in a Higher Power.  These are some of the traits I have adopted as being “grown up” in my behavior.  I have come to an acceptance of what it means to have an “attitude of gratitude” and no longer expect that things will just “be there” for me.  Recovery has brought me to an acceptance of my role in my life, and a more realistic understanding of just what I can expect in life, and what I will need to earn.  Many of today’s youth seem to have an expectancy of “things” in their life – and are learning the hard way that life is not a “given” it is something we earn – day after day.  My life today will be as good as God deems it.

When I think of love…I see my grandbaby Chloe! Blessed!!!


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