I love the idea of faith, I love the idea of having faith, accepting faith, and believing that faith will bring me peace.  Faith, to me, means allowing my God time to urge me in one direction, or another – having faith that there is a purpose and a direction to the events unfolding in my life.  I go forward sometimes with blind faith.  I believe my life to be better for having faith.  I believe we find what we look for and I choose to look for the good things in life.  My whole outlook and attitude has changed since I began a life based on the spiritual principles.  There is an opposite positive behavior for every one of the negative ones.  From envy I found generosity, from false pride I found humility, from resentments I found forgiveness.  I make many choices in my life. In recovery I am faced with both good and bad ones – what I do with them is up to me.  There is much I can do when dealing with fear, the hardest of which is to do nothing, I work to give it to God, to remember that my peace comes from within, right where God resides.