Easy Does It – and the rest of that slogan is “but do it.”  Which tells me to take it slow and steady.  We can’t learn all we need to know overnight, but we can use the “tools” of the Program to make progress.  
First Things First – Program first, then family, then my job (if I were working), then all the other stuff we clutter our life with.  Program has to come first or I will not have that family I love, that job that feeds and supports me – all will be taken away, as alcoholism takes all that is good in life.
Live and Let Live – I try to focus my attention on my recovery not the recovery of others.  I try to let others live their own lives – and allow them to make their own mistakes.  
But for the Grace of God – Without God’s grace in my life I would not have the opportunity for recovery that I am blessed with.  
Think . . . Think . . . Think – I need to stop and think of how my behavior will affect my life and my recovery. Think about change, think about how it was, think about what the future holds should I decide to drink again – think, and think hard.
And just for good measure there is the standard: One Day at a Time – this tells me to live my life in the here and now, this day, this time, this here.  I can manage my life one day at a time, I can work to remain sober right here, right now – I don’t have to change everything right now, I can work towards the changes I need to make. Sobriety is a process, not an event.
The slogans are shortcuts to remembering the various “tools” we use to gain sobriety.  They work in my life and in my recovery.  They are constant reminders of the fact of my disease.  I am an alcoholic, I am a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, and I am sober by the Grace of God.

Photo courtesy of Maggs!!