Alcoholics Anonymous is a program of faith and restoration to a higher level of behavior.  I have stopped beating myself up for being an imperfect human being.  My recovery program is my opportunity to make the amends to myself and others who have been hurt in some way by my behavior.  At first, I thought that I only needed to stop drinking and that my life would change immensely, but I was to come to an understanding that my behavior needed to be dealt with or my recovery would not be solid.  The most amazing thing happened in the early days of my recovery. I kept my seat and kept returning, meeting after meeting, even though there were so much more to recovery than I had anticipated.  My normal behavior would have been to “quit quitting” and return to my former miserable life.  But I stayed long enough for the miracle of recovery to happen in my life.  Hope for a better life was born, Open-mindedness told me to keep myself receptive to all the possibilities of recovery, and Willingness to make the needed changes came on the tails of sobriety.  That is the great HOW of A.A.