I am capable of change and growth with the help of the Spiritual Principles, the Twelve Steps of the Program, and faith in my Higher Power, God.  I searched within me for this faith and found that I had it all along, I had just covered it up with lies to myself and others.  I accept that I am an alcoholic, I accept that I can no longer drink with any impunity, and I accept that some very basic changes in both my attitude and my behavior were needed in my search for recovery.  The Twelve Steps of A.A. were written years ago, but they are as valid today as they were back in the beginning.  Step One is where I admitted my inability to recover on my own.  Step Two tells me that there is another who can help, I need only ask.  Step Three encourages me to turn my life and will over to the care of God, as I understand Him.

Photo courtesy of Maggs!!