Shortcomings Removed(Daily Reflections)-momentary 2 day sabatical

But now the words “Of myself I am nothing, the Father doeth the works” began to carry bright promise and meaning.
12 & 12, p. 75

When I put the Seventh Step into action I must remember that there are no blanks to fill in. It doesn’t say, “Humbly asked Him to (fill in the blank) remove our shortcomings.” For years I filled in the imaginary blank with “Help me!” “Give me the courage to,” and “Give me the strength,” etc. The Step says simply that God will remove my shortcomings. The only footwork I must do is “humbly ask,” which for me means asking with the knowledge that of myself I am nothing, the Father within “doeth the works.”

I thank my Higher Power for letting me know that He works through other people, and I thank Him for our trusted servants in the Fellowship who aid new members to reject their false ideals and to adopt those which lead to a life of compassion and trust. The elders in A.A. challenge the newcomers to “Come To”–so that they can “Come to Believe.” I ask my Higher Power to help my unbelief.


4 thoughts on “Shortcomings Removed(Daily Reflections)-momentary 2 day sabatical

  1. Humbly…not something I do well. I have to work at being humble.
    Asked…something I am getting better at. I used to be afraid to ask for help. I might get no for an answer or the person might think less of me. I am realizing that is not true.

  2. Had a rough day with anxiety yesterday. I asked my higher power to please take away the anxiety and replace with serenity. This requires discipline on my part to turn my will and life over to the care of G-d. There will be good and bad days. But the longer i attend meetings on a daily basis and get involved with the fellowship. Think of others first and how i can help my sisters in recovery. If i put G-d first everything will fall in place. Namaste, Tree

  3. Who would be wise?

    The answer lies within this reflection and it boils down to, “I will with God’s help”.

    Kids engage in a lot of imitation — partly because it is simply fun to take on the roles of the adults around them, partly because it is their way of figuring out how to be. In the ancient world, the “art of living” was called wisdom — sophia in Greek and hochma in Hebrew. When you thought you had met someone who had this kind of wisdom, you were drawn to imitate them. Everyone wanted this kind of wisdom. However, it wasn’t always clear at first, when you were imitating the right people, people who really knew the art of living. – Dennis Hamm SJ

    The Road to Wisdom
    ‘tis plain and simple to express
    to err and err and err again
    but less and less and less.

    Oh would I wallow in my regrets?

    I celebrate my sobriety.

    I don’t have to go to “Celebrate Sobriety” to celebrate my sobriety.

    I will with God’s help, live wisely.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted twelve stepper.

  4. Top of the afternoon family
    – Do I place limits on His power?
    Today, my self-esteem is based on a daily relationship with God.
    The world wants my self-worth based on positions, people, and possessions.
    It’s a good evening to have a good evening.

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