Having Fun

My life in recovery has been full of exciting, changing and challenging times. The Program provides many opportunities to gather together as there are local conferences, dinners, picnics, speaker events, not to mention Area Assemblies, Regional Assemblies, and once a year in New York a World Conference . There is much to enjoy in the Program and it’s all available because we have found sobriety. Wherever we gather, under all these different events – one thing is clear – laughter will be heard, smiles will be evident and happiness will be present in the rooms of A.A. I am truly blessed.


5 thoughts on “Having Fun

  1. One thing I was utterly surprised by when I came into AA were the social activities, the meals together and don’t forget the “meetings before the meetings” and the “meetings after the meetings”.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted twelve stepper and a little bit of social butterfly.

    • At our meeting yesterday We focused on the alcoholic who still suffers and I felt a terrible urge to declare that I am one who still suffers.

      I suffer a hearing impairment.
      I want to repeat that, I suffer a hearing impairment!
      For emphasis I want to repeat that, I suffer a hearing impairment!!

      I spent $4000 for hearing aids so I could hear my wife better, so I could hear some of our”pillow talkers” in AA better and guess what, I still can’t hear my wife any better and I can’t hear lots of people in our meetings any better.
      Why is it I hear more than two thirds quite well and about one third almost not at all.

      I’m Harry, grateful and still suffering alcoholic.

      PS I would love to receive the gift of kindness in this respect.

      • Dear Harry
        Your in my prayers. I have trouble hearing in meetings as well. I earnestly try to hear. So I guess
        G-d wants me to hear what i hear. My partner has hearing problem as well so we are on equal terms.☺

        • Thank you my dear. You know we have been together here in cyberspace for quite a while now.
          I appreciate your prayers and your compassion.

      • Hi Doc,
        I really wish we all lived in the same town, but cyber space will do. You have always been an inspiration and guiding light in this sometimes dark world. Prayers for you and Love and Kindness

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