Young Fun

I believe it is important to know that recovery can be fun. We can enjoy ourselves without having to imbibe vast amounts of booze. Sometimes young people come to the rooms with a feeling that the fun part of life is over – but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many ways to entertain ourselves, to have fun playing together, to share time and space with people who like to laugh and are quick to smile. Yes, recovery can have many “faces.” I have attended symphonies, ballets, plays, and I love movies. I have also traveled quite a bit in my recovery, now that I can trust myself to go from point A to point B without losing myself along the way like I used to. I love new adventures. A day at a time!


6 thoughts on “Young Fun

  1. Well, the media and industry propaganda (i.e. “advertising” or “marketing”) has conditioned many people to think sobriety is a horrible, horrible existence. They want people to consume their products! That’s why many, including me, fought sobriety and in denial for a long time. Sobriety can be fun and enjoyable. Serenity Prayer!

  2. Sobriety can be fun. Especially at the end of my active alcoholism, it was awful and full of pain. I like to laugh and be happy. The key is to get to know your fellow alcoholics and trust and love them.Meetings before and after the main meeting helps you get to know others. E are being hit with storms from Tropical Storm Emily. Good time to stay indoors and pray and meditate.

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