I am no longer that sad, tortured alcoholic trying to make sense of this imperfect world while under the influence of King Alcohol.  I accept life’s imperfections, I accept my imperfections, and I accept the imperfections of those around me.  I have learned to forgive myself for being fallible and impaired.  I have learned the “HOW” of A.A. which means I work towards being Honest, Open-minded, and Willing.  I work to let God lead me to the right path that I might then pass on what has been given to me so that others gain some knowledge of this terrible disease.  My gratitude is endless when I think back to those days of being lost in the vast desert of addiction not knowing what direction to take.  My life today is the easier softer way – as compared to my drinking days.  I lost control of my behavior the minute I took a drink, and I lost the ability to stop drinking the very minute I began. That’s what defined me as an alcoholic. We each have our own story and our path to the tables of A.A. This is mine.