A Grateful Heart

I am sober, I am grateful, and I work to remain willing and humble.  I have been blessed with a “program.”  I have been blessed with sobriety.  I have been blessed with a Higher Power.  I have been blessed with all that I need to stay the path.  The Program “talks” about maintaining at attitude of gratitude.  When negativity creeps into my life, I remind myself of the positive events that have brought me to where I am today.

Photo Courtesy of Rocky


2 thoughts on “A Grateful Heart

  1. Lots of people probably wonder why in the world I still do this.
    Lately I have come to the awareness that I am still working on my PHD (that’s praising him daily).

    An additional thing I do is listen to hymns on my smarty phone every morning at breakfast time and one of these that comes up randomly is “10,000 reasons” so I am thankful to have this clarification of the untold number of reasons I have as I work on my PHD.

    Since I am over twice as old as the lady who composed this reflection I wonder if I might have at least twice as many reasons to PHD.

    One morning I heard a song that mentions having 10,000 reasons to bless the Lord. As I listened, I asked myself,
    Do I have 10,000 reasons to be grateful?
    I began to think about the blessing of waking up to a new day and the blessings of my children, wife, parents, siblings, in-laws, and church family. I thought about the homes I have lived in, the clothes I have worn, and the other provisions I have enjoyed throughout my life. I thought about how each day is filled with at least one of these blessings. Waking up yesterday was a blessing just as waking up today is a new gift and blessing from God.
    I began to count my reasons to be thankful. At 39 years of age, I have 365 days multiplied by 39 years of waking each morning — 14,235 reasons to praise God! Add to that over 16 years of marriage and the blessing of having my two parents present for my entire life. As I considered all my days without accidents, days with my children, days with my best friend, and days with grandparents, in-laws, and siblings, my heart has found well over 10,000 reasons to bless the Lord’s holy name. Each day God is merciful and gracious in new ways. — Upper Room.

    Since I am a fast forgetter and because I don’t want to be a total forgetter I just need to Keep Coming Back.

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted twelve stepper.

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