Step 6-Change

When the pain of where I am is worse than the fear of where I am going, I welcome change. I came to the tables full of pain, unsure of who I was, what I was and where I was going.  A.A. offered me respite from the turmoil that defined my life.  I found hope at the tables and began to believe that I, with the help of God, could find the courage to face the changes I needed to make.  Believing in a Higher Power, and having the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, with its Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, was but a beginning to facing my demons and working towards the recovery I so desperately wanted and needed.  I had to recognize and define my problem before I could begin the process of change that sobriety called for.  I know today that change is the very basis of recovery from my defects of character – if nothing changes, nothing changes.  I have to change what I do, in order to change how I feel.  When I ask God to remove my shortcomings, I am taking a big step towards changing my liabilities to assets.  I become better when I behave better.

Photo Courtesy of MX