I’m Excited

When I was new to the Program, the enthusiasm of those around the tables was a shocker.  I expected a “doom and gloom” atmosphere. Instead, I got laughter, hugs, and a warm welcome from many members.  Being overly enthusiastic can, at times, bring about doubt in the mind of the newcomer.  I try to bring my enthusiasm down a notch or two to a place of quiet serenity when others want to know what my experience have been in the Program.  We each work our program in our own way.  Sometimes I start with a lot of enthusiasm and then it begins to wane.  This usually happens when I haven’t considered what my project requires, and I come to understand that it takes more than just enthusiasm. It takes dedication, perseverance, patience and humility. This applies to Step work which is one of the cornerstones to recovery.  Originally I was very enthused, but as I progressed, I came to understand that Step work is a life-time process, just like recovery!

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2 thoughts on “I’m Excited

  1. Sometimes, some things about this program are like taking a dose of Castor oil.

    My consideration of the people I have harmed goes out towards everyone who I ever had any contact with and that may include the entire human race and even our ecosystem for when I was in active alcoholism I had very little thought of the effect I might have on others.
    After all the main person I was ever thinking about was myself as represented by King Baby.

    This program is a certain way of changing in concert with my higher power’s will.

    “Thy Will be Done”

    I’m Harry, grateful alcoholic and devoted twelve stepper.

  2. I liked the share about how the eco system might have been harmed, I was so inconsiderate throwing my little cocktail jars out the window as I was racing down the highway, what was I thinking, well I was not, I was drinking which caused me stinking thinking. Today I no longer do that, thank God and I pick up after myself and others. Thanks Harry for your share. Kt

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