I am blessed to say that I have friends in the Program, some of which are my sponsees and one who serves as my sponsor.  The Program has blessed me with these friends, and the majority of my friends are people I have met in the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous. Sometimes I am torn between my immediate family and my family in the Program.  I have commitments and time constraints as I serve as sponsor and have a couple of service commitments, as well.  There are days when my energy level is low and I pretty much don’t want to do anything. The Program keeps me grounded, gets me off my butt and out the door to live this life I have been blessed with.  So, true to my varied past, I continue to be a complicated person, a struggling member of the Program, and a mother, grandmother, sister, and an aunt who loves many people, both those related to me and those whose relationship is based on Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.  However I define the term “relative,” I have one relationship that I can always depend on – and that is the one I have with the God of my understanding.