Looking Back

It really felt good to make an amends, to clear the air between me and another.  To simply admit my part without justification or rationalization.  I had to step up, say I’m sorry in some manner, and then release it.  How my amends was received, or not received, was not my business – my job was to simply admit my part and to sincerely identify my own wrong behavior.  The next part of this process was to come to an understanding that Step Eight and Step Nine are to be continually worked for the rest of my life, though the cleansing of Step 10 efforts.  A personal inventory is also another “suggestion” that enables me to come to terms with my wrongs and misbehaviors.  I did some damage to myself and others, before recovery, and now with the help of the God of my understanding, it is my job to stay sober and help others.  I pray that I might find the willingness and courage to face my disease, and to know that there is a way out of the darkness of addiction to alcohol, I need only have faith in my Higher Power, and to know that all things are possible through recovery.