Letting Go

Forgiveness must come from my heart and cannot be thwarted by anger or resentments.  I must desire it and feel it in my bones.  It is more than words, forgiveness requires the action of releasing the hurt, of allowing the fallibility of ourselves as humans.  I am an imperfect human being who is capable of committing wrongs against those around me be they friend or foe.  In recovery I am learning to forgive myself and others for our human frailties.  I will not always do things in a right and fair manner.  I will harbor resentments and will need to work to forgive those wrongs done to me.  Forgiveness enables me focus on the positive aspects of my relationships and give up the negative stuff that we all suffer from.  I forgive others who have harmed me in the past, and those who have harm me now.  It is something that I work towards on a daily basis.  I have to learn to allow others their faults just as I hope others will allow me mine.  Change and growth are my goals in recovery; and that includes giving up self-pity and false pride.