Sharing My Story

 It is my legacy to share my story with others. To be of service to whomever presents themselves. To work towards unity, service and recovery.  I share my experience, strength, and hope with others through prayer, the Program, and our shared faith in a Higher Power. It takes the combined efforts of the Program, my faith, and my daily dedication to recovery through this medium – this is what keeps me sober.  My very happiness relies on my recovery. I know it is not only the right path for me, it is truly the only path.  It is this path that enables me to hope for more than the misery that was my life before A.A.  The fact of sharing is what blesses me with a life worth while. One that tells me that I am just one among many and as such can relate my story in the hopes of helping others in their journey to sobriety, serenity and courage.