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22 thoughts on “About

  1. ‘All that is needed to start a A.A. meeting is a resentment and a coffee pot.’
    All that is needed to start a on line A.A. meeting is a resentment and a computer. (smile)
    Paul D.

  2. Hello, this is meant to be I guess. I accidentally stumbled on this site and it so happens to be that I’m almost 10 months sober and trying to embrace it with all my might. My current boyfriend (controlling an suffers from OCPD) won’t let me go to AA so maybe this can be helpful for me.

    • Awesome Connie. Congratulations on almost 10 months. If you click on the Home button you’ll see the reflections we post daily and will be able to comment as well. Please do so that we may all welcome you!!!

    • Connie, welcome!!! 10 months is awesome! I’m just going to reiterate what this24 said, please introduce yourself on the home page under the reflection of the day! You will find great support and wisdom in this bunch of recovering alcoholics! It can be a lifeline for you! From personal experience, you can trust these fellow alcoholics and if you start your day reading it, your day will be better! Plus, you can visit throughout the day as more comments come in!
      Again, welcome and keep coming back!!
      I’m Maggie, a grateful recovering alcoholic!

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