Lets Vote Please

Hi all,
Its been years since I’ve been writing for This24. We need to vote if this site will continue. I’m willing to post 1 more. If nobody steps up, then we can post on other posts, or I can delete this page. Your call. The spirit of rotation has come and gone. I love you all. You have kept me sober through death and happiness. I have not kept sober through it all. I love you. Let me know. Hugs. Those who mean something to me have my email. Xoxo


The Work Of Living

God and I have work to do, together we have a life to co-create. Mine. I will daily spend time tuning into that deeper place within me so that I can use my energies more wisely and efficiently to build my life. I will get farther faster when I live consciously rather than unconsciously, when I look for guidance rather than stress unnecessarily and create problems that don’t need to be there. When I stay calm and centered, my life goes more smoothly. When I allow spirit to guide me through my day, I see beauty where I may have missed it, I have a center to work from and return to and I walk in grace rather than stumble my way through the day. Thank you for the prayers my friends. They are working. 💖💜👍


Prayers Please?

Forgiveness should be an ongoing process. Attention to it daily will ease our relationships with others and encourage greater self-love. First on our list for forgiveness should be ourselves. Daily, we heap recriminations upon ourselves. And our lack of self-love hinders our ability to love others, which in turn affects our treatment of them. We’ve come full circle–and forgiveness is in order. It can free us. It will change our perceptions of life’s events, and it promises greater happiness. The forgiving heart is magical. My whole life will undergo a dynamic change when I develop a forgiving heart. I believe this so much more now with my current diagnosis of bipolar disorder. I haven’t asked for prayers in some time, but could truly use them now. I love you all and am grateful for this avenue as well as the health professionals who have stepped up. Forgiveness fosters humility, which invites gratitude. And gratitude blesses us; it makes manifest greater happiness. The more grateful we feel for all aspects of our lives, the greater will be our rewards. We don’t recognize the goodness of our lives until we practice gratitude. And gratitude comes easiest when we’re in a forgiving state of mind.

It’ll All Be Ok

Self-reliance has not worked for me in the past, and I know it to be a shortcoming that has not worked in my recovery. I’m better off relying on the A.A. Program and a Higher Power of my own choosing. I’m at a time in my recovery whereby it feels like I’ve heard it all, seen it all, and basically know it all. There’s that self-reliance, again. I feel like there is so much more to learn. I know I don’t have all the answers, and that I need guidance from the Program and from my Higher Power. Sometimes it seems as though time in the Program can be a challenge to maintain my recovery. When I was new to A.A. I got lots of attention from other members, and many “suggestions” about working the Program. It was all so new to me, and I was delighted to have found a solution to the dreadful disease we call alcoholism. I was a “newcomer” and it was an exciting time. Now, many months and years have passed and it is hard to find new words, new solutions and new ways of “working” the Program. I admire those that continue to work the Program, who continue to serve others and whose life continues to grow and change.


Sometimes we soak up other people’s feelings because we forget to protect ourselves. Often, we do this because of the depth of feeling we have for this person. The remedy for this is the same as it is when we’re dealing with our own emotional stuff. We recognize what we’re feeling. We give that feeling its due. Then we let it go. We squeeze out the sponge.

Sometimes, it just takes the act of recognizing that we’ve taken on another person’s emotions to clear those emotions out. If we strive for awareness, we’ll begin to recognize when the feelings we’re feeling aren’t our own.

God Is Everything Or God Is Nothing

Some of us had no trouble understanding that God is everything, no matter how God is invoked. But whatever our path to spirituality, the Twelve Step program has enriched our understanding. Before we practiced the Twelve Steps, we had allowed ourselves to forget the strength and nurture that are always at hand, and now we are grateful to be reminded that God is with us, within us, and all is well. Grateful for the gift 🙏💖💜


Today, I will pray for help in forgiveness. My prayers have power in unseen realms. Research has borne out over and over again that prayer can be as effective a healer as medication at times. I will rely on the deep truth of the power of the unseen; invisible hands will guide my prayer. There is a peace within me that surpasses all understanding. Today, I will cultivate that peace by taking time to go within. The world within me is as real as anything I see. It sustains and nurtures me. It is of more value to me than I can imagine. I need this part of me to be alive and well. I need a healthy heart and mind, especially today. Peace I give to you my friends ☯☮